Kelowna Tobaccoland

Well, this is my first review so I thought what better place to start than the place where I get my tobacco. When not ordering my tobacco online, I take a 45 minute drive to Kelowna from my house to go to the nearest Tobacconist.   when you first walk in to the neat little shop the smell of fine cigars and rich tobaccos perfumes your nose and lifts your heart.  the warm and welcoming staff greets you and tells you I’ll be right with you. Ian and Gail are friendly and knowledgeable about their products. They will set aside their time to explain the nuances of the hundreds of cigars lined up against one wall in humidors, or give you the opportunity to smell the dozens of bulk pipe tobaccos.  they can tell you the difference between a burley, a virginia, and Cavendish and will help you select the perfect blend to suit your smoking needs.  prices are reasonable, but to a true connoisseur you know that when it comes to tobacco, often you get what you pay for. So you can get a cheap cigar, an expensive cigar, a pack of cigarettes, a tin of pipe tobacco, or even a custom blend of a few different bulk pipe tobaccos to suit your needs. Let Ian and Gail help you out and let you truly enjoy a smoking sensation.

Check them out at or in person at 521 Bernard Ave. Kelowna BC Canada.  Need directions call them at 250-717-1854.

Smoke em if you got em!

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