A Pleasant Surprise (Solani Blue Label blend 369)


Have you ever run into the situation, where you go to your local tobacconist for your usual tobacco and they are all out? This happened to me recently,  I went into Tobaccoland  to get a tin of  Peterson Irish Oak, and to my disappointment they were all out. Well the only thing left to do is to try something new. So I asked Ian and he recommended the Solani brand.  Being a Perique fan, I chose the Blue Label. What a delight! I couldn’t wait to get it in my pipe and smoke it when I opened the  tin.  The aroma that wafted out of the can was rich and fruity, with that Earthy Burley smell. The tobacco was moist yet not too wet and loaded into my pipe with ease. The first draw gave me that smooth burley taste, with a slight pepper from the perique. All day I was pleasantly puffing away on my pipe and enjoying every minute of it.  The tobacco was smooth and pleasant and kept me puffing with almost no tongue bite. Truly a fine tobacco, and a pleasant surprise which I will reach for again. Thanks Ian, you really know your stuff.

Smoke em if you got em!

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