Such Promise (Carabela Santa Maria Robusto)


When I learned there was a cigar and tobacco importer less than an hour from my house, I was eager to try their product. So I made a trip to the local liquor store who also sells cigars and pick myself up a Santa Maria Robusto from Carabela. The Santa Maria has Nicaraguan filler an Indonesian binder and a dark Honduran wrapper.

When I got the cigar home to my smoking room, I was initially impressed. The cigar seemed firm, the wrapper was even, and it had a delicate floral smell that was very pleasing.

When I went to cut the cigar with my double guillotine stainless steel cutter,  I thought my cutter was dull as the cigar was very difficult to cut.

The cigar lit nicely, the first draw was rich and buttery, though a little hard to draw on.

From there things went downhill, the cigar would not stay lit, it was too hard to draw on, and did not burn evenly.

It was disappointing, but I am not giving up on Carabela yet.  I am going to look up their La Nina, and give that a try.

Better luck next time.

Smoke em if you got em!

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