Overhyped (Altadis – Z93 Dark Decadence)


When my newest shipment from smokingpipes.com arrived, I was eager to dig into the new tobaccos that I had chosen for these reviews. First let me say that the quality of tobacco that you get from smokingpipes.com, in their bulk section, is simply amazing.

So, I opened the bag of Altadis – z93 Dark Decadence.  It is an all Black Cavendish mixture that is supposed to be smooth and delightful. Opening the bag I discovered the tantalizing aroma of spiced rum and Cavendish tobacco.

The tobacco was moist, yet not too damp,  and seemed to be an almost wild cut.

It loaded easily into my pipe and the draw was smooth and even as I lit it.

Well it definitely lived up to the smooth, as there was absolutely no bite and the warm taste of rum fill my mouth. However, I found the tobacco did not live up to the delightful.

The tobacco lost flavor as I continue to smoke it and seemed almost to light and delicate, it was slightly disappointing. On the other hand, it wasn’t a bad smoke either. So overall I think that I will say that Altadis – z93 dark decadence is a decent enough smoke, but not worth the hype. Your mileage may vary as pipe tobaccos are individual.

My friend, the Captain, really enjoyed it and disagrees with me entirely in that it is worth the hype so I think I’ll give the rest of the bag to him and we’ll both be happy.

Smoke em if you got em!

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