Drifting Away (Altadis – 526 Old Professor)


Another bag of the tobacco that I ordered from smokingpipes.com was 2 ounces of Altadis 526 Old Professor.

Described as a complex English blend in tribute to old professors everywhere, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on some.

Opening the bag filled the air with a delightful smell of rich tobacco, without the smell of aromatics. The smell can be described as the smell of a campfire, or at least the smell reminds me of times around a campfire.

As I sat down to review the tobacco, I filled my pipe and put on my headphones with my voice recorder  and decided to put on a little reggae music. The next thing I know, my pipe is full of ash and the album is almost done, and I haven’t written anything.

I guess that alone says something endearing about this tobacco.

A complex English blend indeed, made of rich Virginias, some Burley, a distinct amount of Latakia, and even some smooth Black Cavendish. A definite addition to my tobacco cabinet.

I hope you find this tobacco, you like me, will also find yourself drifting off into the land of pleasure.

Smoke em if you got em!

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