Never A Disappointment (CAO Cameroon Corona)


Sometimes, life conspires to make you have a good day. So it’s the middle of the week, and I’m running out of tobacco. Since payday is not till Friday, and today is only Wednesday I am in a little bit of a bind. So my wife scrounges together enough change that I can buy some pipe tobacco and we hopped in the car and headed out to Tobaccoland.

Ian is always delighted to see us and it generally brightens our day to see him and Gail.

I think Ian sensed that I was a little down, and out of the blue he offers to front us, my wife and I, two cigars.

“You can just come in and pay me on payday,” he said.

I was really moved. I chose a cigar that I knew would cheer me up, and for that I chose the CAO Cameroon Corona.

So after all that, I got really busy and didn’t have a chance to smoke my cigar until now. So here it is, what I think of the CAO Cameroon.

As always, with CAO, the wrapper was smooth and even with a delicate scent that reminded me of a soft floral bouquet.

The cap sliced easily and readily with my guillotine double cutter.

I suppose I should interrupt myself here, and explain a little bit about the Cameroon.  As is common with many, if not most, of CAO’s cigars the filler and the binder are both Nicaraguan, but it is the unique Cameron wrapper that gives the cigar both its name and its unique flavor.

That said, the cigar lit easily and evenly. The first draw was filled with flavor rich and smokey, sweet and with a distinct taste of honey and perhaps a little touch of black tea. The cigar is medium-bodied and of medium strength so a slightly slower smoke is necessary to avoid lightheadedness.

When I first ashed the cigar (typically done when the ash is about 1 inch long, 2.54 centimeters for you metric types,) I noticed the ember was clearly conical and even burning. The sweet honey taste continued to fill my mouth.

Once the cigar was purged (typically done at about the halfway point by blowing on the cigar’s head until all these old smoke is blown out of the cigar,) it took on a deeper more coffee like, though still sweet, flavor and the cigar finished strong with much stronger sweet coffee notes.

As said before, take your time with this cigar, and it is truly worth every penny you pay for it. Thanks to Ian for cheering up my day and making it possible for me to do this review for you.

Smoke em if you got em!

2 thoughts on “Never A Disappointment (CAO Cameroon Corona)

  1. I agree with you, this is one of my favourite cigars. But you didn’t mention the thing I like the most; the first draw and up to about the purging is like buttery toffee. But thanks, good review!

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