Surprisingly Delightful (Peter Stokkebye Black Majesty)


Let me begin by saying that I am NOT normally a person for either Cavendish’s or aromatics. However, I was delightfully surprised by this blend.

Black majesty, I am told, gets its mild and smooth flavor from the fact that they use extra steam and additional heat pressure to create this tobacco. it is aromatically flavored with gentle cherry cream extracts.

The smell of smoke, is somewhat like a baking cherry pie, and the taste is smooth and delicious. Even if you accidentally inhale this tobacco, it is smooth like a cigarette.

I managed while sitting there to smoke an entire bowl without any level of tongue bite or numbness in the mouth.

So if you are one who likes Cavendish and aromatics, I seriously suggest that you reach for this tobacco. I know I will again, which is surprising for me.

It is a common blend, and you can get it at most online tobacco places. I get mine from .

Smoke em if you got em!

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