Not Your Grandmother’s Tobacco (Brigham’s English Mixture)

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Running low on tobacco this week, and needing new review material anyways, I made the trip to Tobaccoland in Kelowna. As usual I was greeted friendily and I discussed my blog with Ian and Gail.  When I told them that I wanted some English mixes, Ian suggested a few by Brigham.

Brigham‘s English mixture was among those that I selected to try. Smelling the tobacco in the jar, it smelled earthy and slightly sweet, not too pungent.

So, I finished off my old tobacco last night, and this morning decided to try the new English mixes suggested by Ian. I packed my pipe, which packed beautifully with the English Mixture, and begin pleasantly puffing away. My wife describes the room note as rich and pungent, smokey and earthy, and says this tobacco reminds her of a campfire, pleasant memories and a very pleasant room note.

Merrily puffing away, I soon discover, “Wow, I’m buzzing!” This is a relatively unfamiliar feelings for me, as my pipe tobacco habit borders on a cigarette smoking habit, and I tell my wife. Who responds with, “this isn’t your grandmother’s tobacco is it?” We both laugh, but I can’t help but agree.

The mix is mostly Burley broken flake, with Virginia and Latakia making a strong appearance, and Perique with Turkish finishing this blend off.

Most online reviews that I’ve read, describe it as medium strength for an English blend. Personally, I would call it more medium to medium-strong , and well worth a pipe full in the morning to get you going.

If you are not a heavy pipe smoker, I recommend taking your time with this one. Sipping your pipe slowly, and savoring the delightful smoke is definitely the way to go with this one.

I know I’ll reach for it again, and may even make it a regular part of my routine.

Smoke em if you got em!

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