$1.00 CAD Per Cigarette?! (Djarum Black Kretek)


So, I go into Tobaccoland to get my weekly supply and say to Ian, ”  what have you got in the line of exotic cigarettes?”

He asks, “have you ever tried a Kretek?”

In true ignorant fashion, I respond with the obvious, “what’s a Kretek?

Patiently, and talking slowly, Ian explains to me that it is an Indonesian clove cigarette (see link above).

Thinking that sounds great, I ask him to ring me up a pack, along with some pipe tobacco and a couple of cigars. When I heard the price, I almost choked. 16+ dollars per pack not including taxes. That made them run about a dollar a cigarette. Well for those of you who aren’t familiar with cigarette shopping in British Columbia, Canada; a pack of cigarettes runs about 7 to 10 dollars depending on quality. $20 for a pack of cigarettes almost made me hit the roof.

“I truly hope that they are wrapped in gold,” I said to him, and he laughed.

So here I am sitting with my $20 pack of Kretek, wondering if I’ve just been suckered for the first time by Ian. I cracked the seal on the pack and immediately the soft spicy scent of clove begins to fill the room. The cigarettes are black and smell strongly of the same cloves.

When I light it, the spices in this cigarette make a satisfying and delightful crackle as the cigarette is being smoked. The taste is strong and spicy and numbs your mouth and lips slightly. The room note is like its taste, strong n’ spicy and full of cloves.

I was delighted by the taste, and my wife, not fond of cigarettes, thought the smell, the room note, was delicious. She even went so far as to try a puff, but still found that the taste was not for her.

I on the other hand, kept reaching for them and almost smoked the entire pack before having a chance to sit down and do this review. Whether or not you are a cigarette smoker, these clove cigarettes, these Kretek, are definitely worth a try, even at the price, and I look forward to reviewing other flavors by Djarum.

Smoke em if you got em!

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