Good Value, Good Cigar (La Aurora Principes Claro Robusto)


Heading into Tobacco Land this week to get my weekly review, I was faced with the dilemma of wanting a good cigar, but having little money. My wife always enjoys the La Aurora Principes Claro, sold in the Robusto size, and suggested I pick one of those up to review.

Having never actually tried my wife’s favorite cigar, it seemed like a great idea to me. So I grabbed one, and headed for the door without paying (just kidding)!

Actually, one thing you cannot complain about with the Principes is the price. I am told that it costs half of the price of similarly rated cigars.

So I brought home the cigar and settled down to try it, taking out my guillotine cutter, and removing the cigar from the plastic.

The smell of the cigar is delicious. It has a light toffee smell, mixed with a hint of minty freshness. The taste of the wrapper is delicate, and also slightly minty.

La Aurora uses Cameroon wrappers, with their Dominican filler and binder and I think that the Cameroon wrapper makes for a most delicious cigar in any brand I’ve tried.

The cigar lit evenly and easily with very little problems on my part. The only part of lighting the cigar that did not go off as planned was an organic error on the part of the smoker. Once lit, the cigar burned evenly and the first draw left a rich caramelly, buttery taste in my mouth. I was immediately delighted by the value of this cigar compared to its excellent taste.

The taste after purging the cigar was much like coffee and leather with a hint of cocoa. I had high hopes that this cigar would finish strong and I was right.

The coffee and leather notes got stronger near the end and it finished with very little bitter aftertaste, much less than would be expected from a cigar of its value.

While smoking the cigar, I asked around about the room note, and got an opinion from a cigar smoker, a pipe smoker, & a non smoker; all of whom said that the room note was very pleasant and reminded them of old leather, old books, and old stables.

A definite repeat on my list; when I get my humidor up and running I will definitely fill it with some of these. Great value, great cigar.


Smoke em if you got em!

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