A Perfect Morning Start (Solani 633 Virginia Flake with Perique)


The life of a chronic insomniac. Try as I might last night, sleep wouldn’t come to me and I tossed and turned restlessly until about 7 o’clock in the morning.

I finally decided to get up and have a pipe. Yesterday, my wife and I went into Tobacco Land to get my weekly supply of pipe tobacco, and I decided to give Solani 633 Virginia Flake with Perique a try.

So, this morning it seemed like a good idea to write a review on the 633 Virginia Flake. When you’re half asleep almost anything sounds like a good idea.

That out of the way, I loaded my pipe after rubbing out a flake of tobacco, and prepared to light it. Like all flake, the 633 expands when first lit. So best to give a false light, repack the bowl, and then light it for real.

While rubbing it out, the open can wafted out the delicate scent of honey over the Perique tobacco.

Soon I was puffing merrily away. I was quite amazed and how easily this flake tobacco stayed lit, as I am quite new to flake.

The aroma was pleasant and fruity and was described to me, by my wife, as being like apricots. I smoked almost an entire bowl before I decided that I really should get down to writing this review, and frankly I feel great. The morning smoke was invigorating and refreshing and I’m ready to greet this day.

Adding almost as an aside, the flavor of the tobacco is of medium strength with only a light hint of flavoring and the potency is about medium though smoking a large bowl can still get you a rush.

All in all, a good morning, a good pipe and hopefully a good day.

Smoke em if you got em!

4 thoughts on “A Perfect Morning Start (Solani 633 Virginia Flake with Perique)

  1. Great Review!!

    I am very glad to hear that you are moving into the realm of Flake tobacco. Personally I prefer flake over all other forms of tobacoo. The biggest reason is the ease of transport and they it holds moisture better and for a longer time. When I am in a particularly lazy mood Ill grab a couple of flakes, fold them and pack them in my Savinelli 320. But thats just me… I love these short and sweet reviews. I look forward to your future reviews and I am excited now to try this flake that you have reviewed, thank you.

    Keep On Reading,

    Steven Umbrello – The Leather Library


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