Out of the Ballpark (Low Country Cooper)


When I found out that I was being gifted a can of Low Country‘s Cooper broken flake from the good folks at smokingpipes.com I had no idea what this tobacco was all about, so I did a little research online.

“The confluence of the Cooper and Ashley Rivers create Charleston Harbor, the most important port in the antebellum South. Following trade winds, goods flowed to points north and, especially, across the Atlantic to the great British ports of call. Commemorating the Cooper River’s contribution to world trade, we have selected choice Orientals and Cyprian Latakia to accent a base of fine Bright Leaf and Red Virginias to create this exceptional medium English Flake.”

Furthermore, reviews were raving about it. Understandably, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it, so when it arrived a week and a half later, I bought a special cob pipe so that I would have a virgin bowl to try it with.

When it arrived, I was on my way to Tobacco Land for my weekly supply of tobacco, and it took all my willpower to wait until I got home to open the tin.

When I finally did open it, the note from the can was heavy and pungent, smelling strongly of Virginia tobaccos with a heady note of spicy Orientals. Even the non-smoker in my house was impressed by the smell.

It rubbed out nicely, with a little airing, and packed firmly into my pipe. A false light, repack & light and the air was filled with plumes of delicious smoke.

To most of the people surveyed, the room note was very pleasant with the smell of campfires and old English pipe smokers, though I did receive 1 negative vote from someone who did not like the smell at all.  My wife immediately went on a bout of nostalgia about her friends from Singapore when she was growing up and how the room note reminded her of their house.  She was also fairly certain she recalled Trixie’s dad smoked a pipe.

Some people have said that there is a hint of Perique in this tobacco, but I don’t think so. So few tobaccos mix this particular combination of bright and red leaf Virginia’s that I honestly think the peppery taste comes from that mixed with the Orientals. The Latakia adds a very smokey, rich flavor.

A moderately strong tobacco, Low Country Cooper should be smoked slowly, as even an experienced smoker can get slightly buzzed. A definitely full flavored tobacco, I can taste no hint of flavoring except the natural tobacco taste.

Ultimately, the taste was malted and nutty, and kept me reaching for it again and again until I almost smoked the whole can before being able to do a review on it.

A definite home run! I look forward to trying the other blends that Low Country puts out. I’ll let you know how that goes when my next order comes in.

Smoke em if you got em!

2 thoughts on “Out of the Ballpark (Low Country Cooper)

  1. Happy to hear of the “home run,” and glad to know that the room note of Cooper is non-smoker approved. 🙂 Thanks again for the great reviews. -Kathryn Mann, Social Media Liaison – Smokingpipes.com

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