Not On An Empty Stomach (CAO Brazilia Gol Robusto)


When Average Joe’s did a review on a particular type of scotch whiskey a few days ago  they paired it with a CAO Brazilia Maduro. Loving this particular cigar, and seeing it in this review, I decided my next cigar review would be on this masterpiece.

I will start this review by saying that my opinion on this cigar is quite biased, as it is one of my personal favorites.

The cigar is a dark Maduro Brazilian wrapper with Nicaraguan binder and filler.

Taking out the cigar I noticed immediately the smell of rich chocolate and coffee as I brought it up to my nose, it tasted of the same with a sweet overtone.

Despite the rock hard feel of the dark Maduro cigar, it sliced easily and cleanly, and let the same. Also despite its rock hard feel, the draw was easy and even, and the cigar began burning evenly.

The first draws were heavenly. The smoke tasted of coffee and fruit, or perhaps cucumber. The taste was full bodied and the room note, though very strong, was very pleasant.

As I smoked this cigar, hints of cloves and of cucumber kept touching the top of my mouth, and the cigar kept it full flavor with the coffee and chocolate tones.

When purged, the coffee flavor became much stronger and continued on to the end of the cigar with the taste of cloves and chocolate playing about my mouth.

However, about halfway through the cigar when I was about to purge, I realized that I was getting a buzz, and I thought to myself, “when was the last time you ate, Idiot?”

So I felt compelled to quickly shovel some food into my maw before I got too high on this very powerful cigar. So as a warning, take your time with this cigar  (this one took me about an hour and I am a fast smoker), and make sure that you eat before partaking.

In the end, when I finally stubbed it out, I sat back with a light buzz and a satisfied craving for a good cigar. This one comes highly recommended by me, and is good with a good drink or some good food, but not on an empty stomach.

Smoke em if you got em!

3 thoughts on “Not On An Empty Stomach (CAO Brazilia Gol Robusto)

  1. Great Review,

    This CAO Brazil is a great cigar, my personal favourites are the My Father line of cigars but the CAO are fortunately cheaper then the My Father’s. Since I live in Canada the tobacco tax is outrageous so even cheap cigars are priced at a premium cost. however the CAO are decently priced, and they are a great stick so I am happy for that. Keep up the great reviews.

    Steven Umbrello – The Leather Library

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