Back Again, This Time Smoother (Djarum Special Kretek)


So here I am, Friday afternoon and I am walking into Tobacco Land, feeling cruddy and under the weather. Furthermore, my wife is away and I’m here alone when we normally do this trip together. All in all, I was looking for something to cheer me up.

So I walk through the door, and I’m  immediately uplifted by the delightful tobacco aroma that comes from this wonderful shop.

Gail and Ian are welcoming as usual, & I noticed they restocked my favorite pipe tobaccos. That makes it rather easy as to what I’m going to get, a tin of Irish oak, some Solani flake, and a new cob because mine broke that morning.

Now cheered up, but still feeling under the weather, I decide a clove cigarette wouldn’t be bad. So I ask Gail to ring me up a pack of Djarum Special Kretek.

So I take my packages, and head for my van, load up, and open the pack. The aroma of cloves, but this time hinted with tobacco, wafts from the pack.

I light up to that satisfying crackle of the spices in this cigarette merrily popping away, and I start to feel better.

Unlike the Djarum Black, the Special is smoother and lighter, easier to smoke. Whereas with the Black I had trouble making it through an entire kretek, with the Special, the smoking sensation is just satisfied with one cigarette.

And, due to fortuitous circumstances on my part, my wife was unable to leave town, as her car had trouble, so I picked her up on my way back home and began truly enjoying my day. I felt better after smoking a few of these cigarettes and my wife reminded me that clove is an antiseptic, so I was probably helping fight off the bug with the cloves.

Overall, even compared to other kretek, Djarum Special is a delightful smoking experience, well worth trying, even if you’re not a cigarette smoker.

Smoke em if you got em!

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