Pipe smoking advice.

short thoughts about pipe smoking

the pipe parlor

As just about any pipe smoker can attest to, you will, or have been asked to give advice. I’m always asked by novice members of the piper guild, and by people who don’t even smoke, so I figured I’d give you free advice.

The most common question I get is, “how can you hold the wooden pipe in your hand and not burn yourself?” Its simple, really. You “sip” the pipe, thus keeping the fire going, but it’s cool to the touch. Even now as I smoke a bowl of Norwegian Shag, I’m sipping the pipe.

My other favorite question is what to drink while I smoke. I personally enjoy a cup of coffee, but depending on the tobacco used, a good ale or lager will work. Don’t drink soda with it because the carbonation in it will fuck up your tongue something fierce!

To answer the question of which…

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7 thoughts on “Pipe smoking advice.

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