Why I smoke a pipe

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the pipe parlor

I started this blog as a spin-off from my main blog, solely to blind about my favourite hobby..pipe smoking.

I got into pipe smoking when I was about 20, and I’ve never looked back! When I was citation getting into the hobby, I was green, and bit the green that cartoon characters turn, I mean I was a flat out newbie! I thought corn cobs where for poor, hillbillies, and the uneducated. My, how just a few short years can change a man!

I came over from smoking cigars, so I had a tolerance to tobacco, but I made the made the same mistake that a lot of first time smokers do…bought a cheap Sansa pipe and filled it with Captain Black tobacco, and puffed away. The tobacco was fine,  it the pipe filled with that juice that all tobacco smokers dread…and this was after three puffs! Thankfully, however my…

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