Feel the Music (CAO Concert Solo)


Sometimes life has a weird way of messing with you. About two weeks ago, my wife and I walk into Tobacco Land to get a cigar for my review.

I am drawn to the oily  wrapper of the CAO Concert, and Ian tells me that it is a good choice for my review as the cigar is 90 plus rated.

So I pick one up, along with a CAO Brazilia Gol Robusto, and a tin of Solani Virginia flake with Perique, and we make our way home.

It took me 2 weeks to finally sit down and do this review. Between being busy, ill and tired, I simply could not find the time.

So I arrive home from my weekly gaming session, at a friends, just about midnight. I think to myself, “it’s my birthday, time to smoke that Concert!” And oh man, am I sorry I waited.

I took the cigar out of the plastic wrap, and was immediately greeted by the wonderful aroma of coffee, chocolate and nuts.  The dark, oily Ecuadorian Habano Rosado wrapper tasted buttery and nutty and smelled similarly scented, that reminded me of smores in that rich chocolate and buttery graham wafer way.

Using a guillotine cutter, I slice through the Connecticut broadleaf binder and Ecuadorian wrapper, leaving a clean cut through the Honduran and Nicaraguan long filler.

The handmade Robusto (Solo) lights evenly and easily with two matches. The first draw fills my mouth with earthy coffee and chocolate notes with a distinct buttery undertone of the tobacco in complex formula. Nice!

I am surprised by the sweetness of the cigar, but delighted by it at the same time.

I settle back in my chair to begin enjoying the rich, full flavor of this cigar and appreciating the wonderful room note left behind by it.

I consider putting on a little classical music to enjoy the cigar by,  but seeing is now about half-past midnight, I have to settle for the music in my head and Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries, bump-pa-pa-bump-pa-ing through it.

Purging the cigar did absolutely nothing to detract from it, indeed the flavor got more robust afterwards, with stronger notes of coffee and nuts, maintaining it sweetness.

I also find that the cigar, is both full flavored and strong, slightly buzzing about the time I purge it.

It finishes on a high note, with a sweet numbing taste left in your mouth.

An excellent aria by the makers at CAO, this cigar is well worth the money you pay for it, no matter how much that is where you’re at.

Smoke em if you got em!

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