A Solid Smoking Sensation (Erinmore Flake)


When I first told Ian that I wanted to try a tin of Erinmore flake, he said it was disappointing and unexciting, but I decided to find out for myself.

At first I was a little put off by the half sized flakes but the fruity smell and the decent moisture levels made me desire to fill my pipe with it. So, I took out one of my smaller pipes and filled the bowl.

The room note was nice and citrusy and the taste was delicate and without bite, and I found myself a little disappointed. However, then I thought to myself “there is absolutely nothing wrong with this tobacco, it’s just not exciting.”

The more I smoked it, the less disappointing it became. It truly became solid and I enjoyed a good bowl. Also, the more I smoked it more I realize it was a fairly decently strong bowl, and after a full bowl of it, I could actually feel the nicotine rush.

So the final verdict, pleasant room note, pleasant tin note, pleasant smoking sensation, and a decent buzz. I look forward to my next pipe of Erinmore flake.

Smoke em if you got em!

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