The Right Hint of Nostalgia (Mr. B’s Golden Virginia Flake)


Growing up in BC’s interior, in the land they call the Okanagan Valley, you develop a certain sense of fruits. Either you become so inured to them that you can’t tell the difference between a peach and a pear by smell, or you learn to differentiate all sorts of different scents rising from the orchards. I represent the former, my wife the latter.

So when I opened up a can of Mr B’s Golden Virginia Flake, I could tell right away that it was cased in fruit, just not which fruit. However, most of the research done online attributes this casing to chocolate. I disagreed, so I asked my wife. Her immediate response to the tin note was, “plum.” That I could agree with.

The flake was cut very thin, and I had to fold n stuff two pieces to fill my bowl, but it packed nicely.

When the room began filling up with smoke, I asked my wife about the room note,  and she said it reminded her of the late fall orchard burning where the excess branches are trimmed from the trees, and burned in huge bonfires right around Samhain.

I remember, as a kid, roasting marshmallows on those huge bonfires, and the feeling of nostalgia warmed me as I smoked the pipe.

Overall it burned nicely, without having to relight, and for the most part, cleanly, though at the bottom of the bowl was a small plug of wet dottle.

The tobacco has a medium-bodied taste, and a mild strength, though strong enough to satisfy the craving.

Most reviews online give this tobacco 2 to 3 stars, I am more inclined on a high 3. I would definitely reach for it again, though let it air out before you smoke it.

Smoke em if you got em!

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