Happy Birthday to Me (Peterson University Flake & Nording Carved Tomato)



Most people aren’t aware, and wouldn’t care if they were, but my birthday passed on the 3rd of October.

However, Steven Umbrello at The Leather Library, and the folks at Smoking Pipes we’re aware and I was gifted a tin of Peterson University Flake from Steven, and a Nording Carved Tomato from smokingpipes.com.

After numerous delays, and setbacks the packages finally arrived today and I set out to do this review using my brand new pipe, with the gifted tobacco.

As a side note, I had no idea that either the tobacco or the pipe we’re being sent to me for my birthday, so this was doubly a surprise and doubly a delight.

2013-10-09 11.19.32

So, I folded and stuffed a flake of the delightful smelling tobacco, that held a tin note of apricots and cherries, according to my wife. Personally I can smell fruit, but couldn’t differentiate.

The pipe is surprisingly light for its size, which is a good thing as it indicates there is little moisture left in the Briar of the pipe. The bowl on the pipe is unexpectedly large and fits the entire flake easily.

Just as a note, Peterson University flake is a little moist and if not aired out, requires a false light and repacking to get the moisture out. Not of this is a bad thing is it generally results in a cooler smoke. So, false light repack and light and soon I am joyfully puffing away.

Numerous people in the room describe the room note as pleasant and smokey, touched by the reminiscent scent of autumn orchard fires burning the cherry wood to make way for the new.

The pipe itself has a wide carved bowl that fits snugly in the hand, stays cool, and smokes easily. The bit is slightly wider then I am used to, but fits comfortably in the mouth. All in all the pipe is easy to smoke.

A very decent smoke, the University Flake burns cleanly, though perhaps the fact that I am unfamiliar with the pipe is why it got gurgly near the end. Ultimately, I enjoyed both the pipe and the tobacco,, and had a fine smoke that I will reach for yet. Thank you to Steven for turning me on to this great flake tobacco, and thanks to smokingpipes.com for the pipe.

See you next time.Smoke em if you got em!

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  2. I am very fond of the new pipe. I think that if I were a pipe smoker, that is the kind that I would want. It just feels so very good in the hand. I think I’m going to base my protagonist’s favourite pipe on it.

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