A Swing and a Miss (Low Country Black)


The hardest thing for a reviewer to do, is to feel the need to give a product a poor review. Especially, when you have come to expect a high quality from the producer.

This is what smokingpipes.com has to say about Low Country Pipe & Cigar’s Black Mixture;

A tributary of the Waccamaw, the Black River meanders through the swamps of northeastern South Carolina. A bold, swarthy blend of bright viginias, tempered with stoved reds, joins fragrant latakia, with just a hint of sweetness supplying the prefect denouement. Fragrant, earthy and redolent of our adumbral wetlands, Low Country Black celebrates the beauty that can be found in the least expected places.

Suffice it to say, I had high hopes for this tobacco.

Opening up the can, the rich earthy and woody aroma of the tobacco hung heavily in the air, my hopes grew.

The course cut, dark, moist tobacco packed easily into my pipe, now I had expectations.

A false light, repack, and light, and soon the tobacco is smoking merrily.

That’s when it went south.

My roommate comes into the living room after I had just finished a pipe full, and says to me, “are you smoking cigarettes in the living room?”

Not a moment later, my wife enters from the bathroom asking, “why does it smell like cigarette smoke in here?”

Understand, that in my house I am the only full time smoker, and neither my wife nor my roommate like the smell of cigarettes. So the rule of the house is; No Cigarettes In The House!

So after quickly explaining to them, fearing for my life (I am crippled, they do scare me), that indeed I was not smoking cigarettes in the house, my wife says, “it smells like someone came in to the house after smoking a bunch of cigarettes near a campfire.”

So basically, the room note of this tobacco is not only very pungent, and very strong, it is also barely tolerable to nonsmokers.

Not to write this tobacco off completely, it burned dryly and cleanly, and wasn’t at all unpleasant tasting. It is simply not a tobacco that can be smoked indoors around non smokers, or casual smokers. Outdoors, or around only smokers, it is a decent enough blend.  I just expect more out of Low Country.

A swing and a miss, but definitely not a strikeout, this tobacco is “OK”.

Smoke em if you got em!

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