Kickin’ Little Pocket Pipe (Chacom Punch 340)


Here’s a little pipe that I ordered for myself from for my birthday, the Chacom Punch 340 billiard.

The nifty little pipe is a little more than 3 inches long (8 centimeters or so) and the bowl is full sized, making a very interesting profile. The bit is quite short making the pipe a little more difficult to clinch in the teeth, but it is very light and sits well in the mouth.

I filled the pipe with a little Peterson’s University flake, I discovered that the interior of the bowl was considerably larger than I had expected. It took a full flake to fill the bowl.

The pipe lit easily and readily and I found it very easy to keep lit without having to puff too hard, though the pipe got a little warm, and the smoke was a little hotter than normal, but I suppose that’s why they call it a punch.

The pipe fits comfortably in almost any pocket I tried it in and doesn’t protrude or poke uncomfortably even in a pants pocket.

The pipe is good to smoke easily 3 to 4 times a day without over moisture because of the short shank and stem.

Overall, an impressive little pipe for under $60 USD. I highly recommend this little pipe for anyone who needs a small pipe to fit in a pocket unobtrusively.

Numerous places sell them, and Smoking Pipes has a Chacom punch bent billiard available right now at this link; Chacom Punch bent billiard

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