On Their Feet, and the Crowd Goes Wild (Low Country Santee)


Holy Cow!

When I opened up a tin of Low Country’s Santee mixture, I was blown away.

This is what smokingpipes.com has to say about this mix;

The Santee River has been central to South Carolina history since early colonial times. Particularly suited to rice cultivation, the swamps of the Santee River soon gave rise to stately manors. This sophisticated Virginia based aromatic captures the languid lifestyle that was synonymous with the region. Subtly fruity, with hints of apple, this would be the perfect accompaniment to a mint julep on a sultry summer night.

Now, I don’t know about a mint julep but I can tell you that it went really nicely with a nice glass of brandy.

Tobaccoreviews.com says that this tobacco is flake cut, but it appears to be more wild cut to me. They also say that it has a mild casing, but I would think that the casing is more medium than mild.

The tin note is scented strongly of apples, and reminds me of autumn days in my hometown.

The tobacco is not too moist, a problem I find with many aromatic tobaccos, and packs nicely into my Chacom Punch billiard.

My wife says the scent reminds her of Thanksgiving and apple pies, and I can’t help but agree with her. Perhaps it is that the holiday just passed, perhaps it is the apple casing, but it makes me very thankful.

The bowl got a little gurgly at the end, but that is not unusual for aromatic tobaccos in my town, at this time of year.

The tobacco smokes well, has a very pleasant room note, and is not too strong to be smoked on a constant basis.

The strength that tobacco is mild to medium, and the casing is definitely more medium than mild.

Every nonsmoker, and casual smoker that I’ve spoken with, says that the room note of this tobacco is the most pleasant they have ever smelt, and I’ve even been told that I could smoke this tobacco in nonsmoker’s houses.

A solid line drive, with the bases loaded. This home run really brought it home for me, and I will definitely be of reaching for this tobacco again and again.

Smoke em if you got em!

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  1. I speak for the whole crew here at Laudisi when I say thank you for this review. It’s great to hear our tobacco and services so widely praised throughout your blog. Looking forward to reading more, Erin. -Kathryn Mann, Social Media Liaison–Smokingpipes.com

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