Some Things the French Do Better (Gauloises Blondes)


In at Tobacco Land again for my weekly supply of tobacco, I decided it’s time for another cigarette review. Cigarettes are hard to review because most Canadian cigarettes taste the same, and most American cigarettes taste the same as every other American cigarette. Since they are all manufactured at a small handful of plants across North America, that really isn’t surprising. Furthermore, Canadian and American cigarettes are “A Blend of the Finest Virginia Tobaccos”,  so not a lot of diversity there.

Anyway, rant about why I smoke a pipe as opposed to cigarettes aside, Ian tells me that they have a few French brands of Gauloises Blondes. He tells me that, these are an Americanized version of an old French cigarette, so I grabbed a pack.

When I lit one up in the van, my wife said it reminded her of Mustangs, an old brand of cigar tobacco filled cigarettes that used to be available in Canada, that she almost became addicted to. She took a puff, and declared it “not bad”! She also said that the aroma did not make her immediately want to gag, like American and Canadian cigarettes, and since it was not bleached, it didn’t bother her allergies.

Overall, it very much was an American cigarette, only it tasted better, smelled better, and was less processed then the typical North American cigarette. Maybe I will grab a pack for convenience when traveling, but its not enough to make me go back to smoking cigarettes. Still better than what we have in this country though!

Smoke em if you got em!

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