Reminded of Younger Days (Peterson Irish Flake)



Well, another winning blend from Peterson.

Maybe it’s my Irish blood, or maybe it is just simply that they settle for a higher quality, but Peterson‘s blends seem to set the standard for imported North American Tobacco.

Mixed for Peterson by renown Danish tobacco blenders, Kohlhase,  Kopp & Co., the predominantly flue cured Burley is mixed with air cured, and dark fired Kentucky and Virginias.

The tin note is pleasant and fruity, like a good brandy mixed with an earthy tobacco scent. The flakes are both firm and dry , & I decide to roll and stuff into my Nording carved tomato.

I guess the tobacco is a little more moist than I thought, as it expands readily when I apply the false light, but repack and light again and the Burley provides nice rich smoke.

The room note is pungent, but pleasant enough and my wife and I struggle to place where we have smelled it before. Finally, it dawned on me, Bison Shag! That’s not a smell that I have smelled for at least 20 years. So when I got home, I did a little research. It turns out, that Bison Halfzware Shag is a mixture of air cured Burley and Virginias, and fire cured Kentucky and Latakias.  Guess my nose works after all.

The taste is full-bodied abd rich, and the tobacco is strong enough to make me feel it if I smoke a full bowl, so I would call that medium to full strength.

A full bowl smoked down to a small plug of dottle, that was too strong to smoke. All in all, a great tobacco!

Smoke em if you got em!

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