Dull and Boring (Peterson Sherlock Holmes)


When I said that Peterson sets the stage for pipe tobaccos, I don’t think I was thinking of this blend.

Peterson Sherlock Holmes is based on a nineteenth-century blend of Brazilian Burley with Indian Virginia, mixed with red and orange smoking leaf, by Kohlhase, Kopp & Co. in Denmark for Peterson of Dublin.

When I first started smoking my pipe again seriously, sometime last year, I was delighted by the fact that my local liquor store carried some Peterson tobaccos, Sherlock Holmes among them.

So I picked up a tin, among others. I thought it was decent, and my friend, the captain, thought it was among the best. However, with online buying and a tobacconist less than 45 minutes away, I stopped buying the Sherlock Holmes.

Suffice it to say, when my tobacconist got a tin in, I picked it up eager to try an old favorite.

What a disappointment!

The tobacco was too wet, and needed to sit for about half an hour before it could be smoked. Even then, it was difficult to keep lit and went out several times unless I puffed hard on it.

Too cased to be a traditional blend, the tobacco is not cased enough to be a good aromatic. Although, the smell of fruit, honey, and vanilla does emanate from the tin, and permeate the room note.

The tobacco became wet and gurgly near the end of the bowl, and was entirely unsmokable.

Doing some research online, I discovered that others have found that the tobacco does not age well either. As a matter of fact, most reviews say that aging it has little to no effect.

Overall, disappointing and boring. I doubt I will buy another can.

Smoke em if you got em!

8 thoughts on “Dull and Boring (Peterson Sherlock Holmes)

  1. I have to agree with you. To be honest I don’t even like the casing very much, there is something about the particular sweetness that turns my stomach. Its unfortunate, the tobacco does not to its name justice. Tobacco named after one of the most beloved fictional pipe smokers should be a go-to classic.

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