Also Good In the Morning (Mr B’s Days End & Brigham Voyageur 116)



So once again I find myself up at 8 o’clock in the morning. Being all alone, I decide to put on my smoking jacket and step outside to enjoy the fresh morning, late October air.

The fog is just lifting, and the air is crisp and cold.

Last night, just before bed, I loaded my Brigham Voyageur 116 with a bowl full of Mr B’s Days End, intending to smoke it before bed. The 116 is one of two Brigham Voyageurs that I possess, the other being a 103.

The Voyageur 116 is a classic, straight Bulldog design, with a bit that is slightly thicker then others I’ve seen. The thicker bit makes it comfortable to grip in the teeth, and also makes it so that I am not afraid of breaking it. I find myself wondering why I don’t smoke this pipe more often, and resolve that I am going to do so.

Having had a chance to air overnight, the tobacco in the pipe lights very easily after tamping it back down.

Before I even light it however, I take the tin out of my pocket to check the tin note. The air cured, and stoved Virginias blend with the smokey Latakia and the spicy Perique to create a rich, earthy aroma, totally unspoiled by casing.

The tobacco is shag cut, once thought to be of lower quality then other cuts, but making it very easy to light. The room note is very good, spiced by the Perique, and made earthy by the Latakia. My wife has described the room note as being like an old library, or an old English professor. Either way, being an English major and a professional author, I figure if it’s made out of paper she’d know. However, this tobacco is not aromatic, and has no casing, so if you are not a natural Latakia fan, the room note is probably only going to be tolerable.

The tobacco is fairly strong I find, and soon I am wide awake, and slightly buzzing.

It is also very easy to keep lit, and I find myself smoking an entire bowl, outside enjoying the crisp morning air.

So, brain now moving, I head back into the house resolving that this is a great pipe to smoke this great tobacco in, and further, I resolve to do it more often.

The final note, great tobacco in a fine, often underestimated, pipe. Mr B’s Days End a win, and the Brigham Voyageur 116 also a win.

Made for a fine morning, perhaps I might even learn to be a morning person.

Smoke em if you got em!

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