None Nicer (Bell’s (Orlik) Three Nuns)


“None Nicer,” that’s the motto of Bell’s Three Nuns tobacco. Personally, I think it fits.

I have had occasion to try this tobacco and its original Virginia/Perique combination, and though the current mix lacks that certain bite, it is still a delightful tobacco.

There’s been a lot of controversy over the change in this blend, but personally, even though anyone who knows me knows that I am a Va-Per fan, I believe that change is inevitable, and even necessary for growth. So, to those of you still whining about the change, suck it up, or change brands, because this is still a great tobacco.

The changes so new, that it’s almost impossible to find pictures of the new tin online. The one above I had to take myself. But here’s a picture of the old tin;


Anyways, on with the review.

Starting with the tin note; the flue cured Kentucky and Virginia tobacco lends a nice, light, sweet scent to the tin. The smell is altogether pleasant and fruity.

The curly cut little rings of tobacco pack easily into a pipe and light with little fuss and muss.

The room note can be described as smokey and fruity, and is quite pleasant even to non-smokers.

The bowl smoked nicely, without excess moisture or even the moderate level of tongue bite associated with many Virginia’s. The taste was mild and nice, and brought me to a place of relaxation where I begin to think. All around, the flavor can be described as smooth and mild , and is something that I will be reaching for again.

The bowl finished as smoothly as it began and left me feeling relaxed and thoughtful. A wonderful tobacco, something I will smoke more often.

Reach for a tin here at

Smoke em if you got em!

2 thoughts on “None Nicer (Bell’s (Orlik) Three Nuns)

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  2. I don’t know what you mean “change is inevitable”. They announce Three Nuns, it should be Three Nuns. If they want to sell a Virginia and Kentuky blend, without the Périque, call it something else. Change, in this case, is fraud.

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