Going Hunting (Erik Nording’s Hunter Blend Beagle)


As I said in my last review, on Three Nuns, I have always been a Va-Per fan. Erik Nording’s Hunter Blend Beagle is no exception to my list of good Va-Pers.

When I discovered, online, that the Beagle blend was also a flake cut, I was eager to get my hands on some. I assure you, I was not disappointed.

When I opened the tin, I was greeted with the bright scent of apple cider vinegar, and when I passed the tin around, everyone agreed that it was a pleasant and even uplifting aroma.

The tobacco is broken into small enough flakes that no additional rubbing is required to pack your pipe with it, and it is not overly moist, like many broken flake blends.

Fortunately, I am not prone to packing a full pipe when I first try a tobacco, as this blend expands quite a bit when lit.

From there, things just got better!

As I sat there smoking the tobacco, I was reminded of younger days.  I began smoking my first pipe at the tender age of far too freakin young! And also at that time, I was required to, and let’s face it, enjoyed, hunting. We hunted and trapped small game and fowl for food purposes. On occasion we hunted large game. Now I know Philip admonished people about their love of killing, but I defend myself with this statement, ” I hunted for food, and enjoyed it because of my respect for the animal that gave its life so that I can eat. I find it much more respectful, and dignified to the animal, to be hunted and not slaughtered in a processing plant.”

Now, while I am not sure that my friend, Mr Livingstone, is a vegetarian, I am sure his admonishment was meant for those who hunt in sport, and brag about killing.

That aside, I found myself remembering times as a young teenager, sitting around a hunting camp fire, smoking my pipe, and trying to act really big as my family fed me beer.

While I generally smoked cheap , shag cut, stoved Virginia’s and Cavendish’s, I remember my uncle talking to me about Va-Pers, and letting me try some of his more expensive tobac. I was reminded of that evening.

The room note can be described as molasses and campfires, or at least that’s how it was put to me. It comes as no surprise that it should remind me of days camping.

The Perique gives a delightful, sharp peppery taste to the first half of the bowl, and then fades into sweet Virginia’s and finish is smooth and clean. If I have one complaint about this tobacco, it is that it does not burn entirely evenly. This is probably due to the different sized flakes in the bowl.

Overall, a great blend, and I look forward to seeing how it ages.

You can get yourself some HERE at Smokingpipes.com

Smoke em if you got em!

8 thoughts on “Going Hunting (Erik Nording’s Hunter Blend Beagle)

  1. Great review!!! love the background story. Although I am a vegetarian and detest the killing of animals, I can understand you position because at one point in time I was also a hunter, and I come from a family of hunters.

    I will pick up a tin of this to try, I come to your site first before I buy any tobacco that I have not tried since we both have similar tastes.

    Thanks for the great review.

  2. Cool I have been looking to put in an order with smokingpipes.com for some bulk tobacco and a few tins with holiday season almost here. Can you tell me if you have had any trouble with duties or taxes on your orders?

    • if your shipping to Canada I have been charged duty about half the time as long as I keep my order to about 200 grams of tobacco that 7.02 ounces, but I’ve never had a problem with importing it.

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