Welcome Home (Mr. B’s The Mixture & Brigham Voyageur 103)


A few years back I was in a near-fatal car accident. It left me as a highly functioning quadriplegic, and required many surgeries. Yesterday was one of those surgeries.

I left home at 4:00 AM Wednesday morning to be in surgery for six, so that they could attempt to repair my left arm to the best of their ability.

When the surgery was finished 9 hours later, my wife and my life partner were waiting for me, and they bought me a tin of pipe tobacco, to cheer me up and give me something to do in the hospital. I unfortunately, did not get to do the review in the hospital as they released me the next day (today).

So with a tip of my hat to Gail at Tobacco Land for giving them this tobacco that I have never tried, here’s my review;

When I left to go to the hospital I packed my Brigham Voyageur 103, though I really didn’t know why. It turns out that my wife and my life partner bought me a tin of Mr. B’s The Mixture Pipe Tobacco.

My left arm all splinted up, I had Jamie open the tin for me. We then passed the tin around to get our impressions of the tin note. All were in agreement that the tin note was very pleasant, sweet and peppery, and reminded us of old stables.

The mixture is a blend of Brown Cavendish, Macedonian Bright Leaf, and Small Leaf Latakia, and is Brigham’s copy of Dunhill’s My Mixture 965, in their “D series”.


The room note is quite pleasant, though perhaps a little smokier and nuttier then some would find tolerable. The smell is neither thick nor heavy which you would expect with the Latakia.

So, with my Brigham Voyageur packed, right out of the tin, with no airing necessary, I began puffing away.


The pipe smoked smoothly from start to finish and the Brigham system kept the tobacco from gurgling with moisture. The tobacco was smooth with very little bite, a nice gentle smoke.

By the time I finished the bowl, we were pulling into our driveway and I was ready to go home. Met at the door by our dog, Blue, it was a great welcome home.

This is definitely a blend that I will reach for again, and I look forward to seeing how it ages.

Smoke em if you got em!


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  1. I think I tried this blend but it went by the name Mr B’s English Blend and is sold here in Montreal in a 50gr pouch. I found it quiet enjoyable cool smoke and had a sweet aroma I am actually thinking of getting another pouch or two for an every day smoke.

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