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Having just received my shipment from, I felt that I should give you a review of my shopping adventure.

I first noticed, about 3 weeks ago, while looking for a cigar and pipe tobacco retailer that accepts PayPal.  They had a number of good reviews about their site, and I decided to place an order.

You see, I live in Vernon, British Columbia, Canada, and Nice Ash Cigars is located in Buffalo, New York and Warren, Pennsylvania.  They are very clear on their site that due to state laws they are unable to ship to New York state residents, and their order form has places on it for state/province, country, and postal code (not zip code).  So, I really had no reason to think that they wouldn’t ship to Canada, and I placed an order.  Furthermore, their web form accepted my order, and debited my PayPal account.

On a hunch, I phoned them up the next day, and to my surprise the toll-free number (1-877-NiceAsh) on their website was not available in Canada…  The adventure begins!

I spend some time online hunting down their non-toll free number, and give that a try.  It works, and I get somebody I can talk to about my order.  At this point I must assume that the person I was talking to was new, as he seemed a little confused.  He assured me that there would be no problems with shipping my order, and that I would receive an email with a tracking number for it.  Great!  I would soon be receiving a good-sized shipment of pipe tobacco and cigars.

Then, came the great disappointment.  The next day I received a personal e-mail from the guy I talked to on the phone telling me that they do not ship to Canada, and my PayPal money will be returned, which they promptly did.

Leg two of the journey;

As they do not ship to Canada, I track down an American address that I could use.  That was it the easy part.  There are plenty of re-shipping services in the U.S. that can be used to do online orders with.  Then I place another order with them, using my American address, and my PayPal account, using my Canadian billing address.  Apparently, no problems, order is received and money debited.  Supposedly, I will give any email with my order number on it.

And I do.  The very next day I get an e-mail summarizing my order, and giving me an order number, and telling me that my order has been shipped.  Yay!  Unfortunately, no tracking number.  So I e-mail them the order number, and ask for a tracking number on that order, and in a couple of hours I receive another e-mail with a tracking number on it.  Well, since the order is only shipped today, the tracking number is not good yet, so I have to wait until the next day.

When I check the tracking number the next day, it informs me that my package is speeding on its way to the wrong address!  Argh!!!  So I recheck the email with the tracking number in it, and realize that I gave the person the wrong order number, so I am looking at someone else’s order.  Well, that’s a relief!

So again I e-mail them with the proper order number, and a couple of hours they return with another tracking number.  No problems this time.

So ultimately, once the adventure was sorted out, Nice Ash Cigars had prompt and courteous service, and their sales reps are very helpful (if a little confused <wink>).  The package arrived in excellent time, two days, from New York to Oregon.  Upon arrival, it was well packed with packing peanuts, and secure in the box, and the box was in excellent condition.

So, if you’re an American resident, who does not live in New York state, I urge you to give Nice Ash Cigars ( a try, as they have decent prices, excellent service, and go the extra mile to get your order to you.

Thanks guys at Nice Ash Cigars, I’ll definitely order from you again.

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!

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  2. A hilarious story. I could sympathize with you when I ordered my massive cabinet humidor from down in Florida. I was so naive to think that I could get something that big and that expensive up here to Canada without any problems.

    Regardless I have always been hesitant regarding purchasing tobacco/tobacco products from the states because of all the legalities involved. However, I still do business with CheapHumidors because it seems their cigar packages come over the border without a hitch, and they have a MASSIVE selection.

    Speaking of such selection I want to highly recommend the following cigars that you can find on Cheap Humidors:

    -Man O War Ruination
    -Ave Maria Reconquista & Lion Heart
    -Rocky Patel Olde World Reserved Toro
    -My Father Flor de las Antillas (Either Belicoso or Toro)
    -My Father #1
    -Alec Bradley Prensado Churchill
    -Alec Bradley Tempus Imperator Maduro

    I know that we are of like mind in regards to the types of pipe tobaccos that we enjoy, however I do not know in regards to cigars. I would absolutely love if you could one day do your amazing reviews on any or all of those above cigars.

    • I am glad that you take something away from my recommendations. I look forward to our project. We must discuss the technicalities of this video review. I would like to get together, perhaps via Skype, to talk about how we will go about doing our conference, recording, and publishing. Perhaps we should set dates for both the pre-conference, and the actual conference. let me know!

      • What day of the week works best for you? We should meet next weekend at the latest for the technical discussion. I am leaning to Google Hangouts because it is interactive and you can automatically set it to record a YouTube compatible video (I understand). But I have never used it so would need the tech meeting myself.

      • Unfortunately I have never used google hangouts either. But I have just looked it up and it seems to be a very viable option that has everything built in. So I says lets us this. In regards to our Pre-conference, I am free any day during the week. Although i believe our time difference may lead to some issues. you will have to let me know what times you can meet and your timezone( which i believe is PST..correct?). Please provide me with a bunch of times and dates and i will let you know.

      • ATM our schedule is pretty flexible, so when works for you on the 4th? we will meet you at anytime after 1 PM Eastern (10 AM here) does that work?

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