Not What I Expected (Dunhill Elizabethan Mixture)


Well, those of you who are just getting to know me probably don’t realize it yet, but I am a really big Va-per fan.  I’m always eager to try new blends.  So, as you can imagine when I found out that Dunhill’s Elizabethan Mixture was not only available again through British American Tobacco Group (BAT), but that it also was a Va-per I was doubly eager to get my hands on some.

I happened across it, quite by accident, in their Dunhill tobacco selection, but is also available for a few cents cheaper, at the moment, in their Dunhill selection.  I have to warn you however, that Dunhill tobaccos are a good 33% more expensive than other types of tobacco, but you get what you pay for.

Anyway, let’s get on with the review;

The tin note of the Elizabethan mixture is positively heavenly!  The rich, earthy, untainted by topping scent of the tobacco is incredible!  I was instantly impressed.

Like most ribbon cut tobaccos, those that aren’t too moist with casing, it packed easily into my pipe straight out of the tin, and my Nording Carved Tomato was ready to smoke, and soon had me puffing merrily away.

This is where I found that the tobacco was not what I expected, and gave me a bit of a surprise.  You see, I expected to be immediately blown away by this tobacco, and I wasn’t.  As a matter of fact, after the first few puffs, I actually was unimpressed.  The room note didn’t seem very special, and the tobacco didn’t have much taste.

I put down my pipe disappointed, and try to figure out if it was just me.  Turns out, it was!  I stopped for a cup of coffee, which I drink black, and cleared the previous tobaccos of my palate, then I lit my pipe again.

In the immortal words of Darth Vader, “Impressive, most impressive!”

The black coffee brought out the subtleties in the blend, and I was immediately hit with a wonderfully sweet taste of the Virginias, coupled with that peppery Perique glow that I appreciate so much in a good Va-per.  This, totally unblemished by casing, only the pure tobacco flavor.

And the room note, was not un-special, it was just equally subtle.  Though it did not have the incense-like aroma of an aromatic, it was still a pleasant tobacco smell.

Frankly, with a good cup of coffee, Dunhill’s Elizabeth Mixture is perhaps among the best Va-pers that I have ever tried.  And since I love a good cup of coffee with my pipe, this is sure to become part of my regular rotation.

Another note, the tobacco smokes cleanly with almost no dottle, and is strong enough to make even me feel it, though not so strong as to be kept only for special occasions.

Thank you BAT for bringing Dunhill back to us, we pipe smokers are in your debt!

As a last note, for those of you in Canada, I am told that Mr. B’s Tudor Mixture is a fairly reasonable facsimile, though I’ve never tried it.

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!

4 thoughts on “Not What I Expected (Dunhill Elizabethan Mixture)

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  2. As VA/Pers goes…it’s not bad. However, if you had ever smoked the “original”, you would have been even more impressed. I also like A/Pers, but prefer Solani #633 VA Flake with Perique!!

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