A Nice Quick Smoke with Enthusiasm (E.P. Carrillo Cardinal Series 52 Natural Robusto)

E.P. Carrillo Cardinal Series 52 Natural Robusto

As promised, here’s my first cigar review from the new batch of cigars.

What began as an exercise in frustration, soon turned into a nice relaxing moment with my wife and my life partner.  The three of us set out to each enjoy a good cigar, well I wrote my review.  So, feeling the need for a good cigar, I extracted from storage a Rocky Patel Autumn Collection 2008 Churchill Connecticut that I was going to review.

While slicing the head of the cigar, the great beast slipped from my grasp and made its escape.  In other words, I dropped it.  This managed to split the wrapper all the way up the cigar, and try as I might nothing would save it.  What a waste!  In total frustration I almost gave up on the relaxing moment, as Sable and Jamie were already about 10 minutes into their cigars.

However, they soon talked me into lighting a different cigar, and I chose an E.P. Carrillo Cardinal Series 52 Natural Robusto.  I did not regret my decision.

The E.P. Carrillo features premium Dominican and Nicaraguan long filler, with a Nicaraguan binder and an Ecuadorian Sumatra Natural wrapper.  The wrapper is smooth and even, and well veined, and smells buttery and sweet.  All in all, a fine presentation in this 5X52 cigar.

The head of the cigar slices easily with my double guillotine cigar cutter, though I must say that I’m beginning to favor a punch due to limited mobility in my left arm.

The first few draws leave my mouth filled with a minty, buttery yet earthy flavor with a punch that lets me know that this cigar is going to pack quite a wallop.

I found purging this cigar actually did relatively little to change its flavor, although the earthy low notes took over for the minty high notes and the cigar finished rich, earthy, and buttery with a hint of mint and a slight numbing sensation to the mouth.

I was correct however, this cigar packs quite a punch, and left me feeling slightly buzzed, but whether this was from the cigar itself or perhaps the environment that I was smoking it in, is unclear.

The cigar smoked rather quickly, and I finished even before my partners, with a total smoking time of 25 minutes.  However, even at this pace, the cigar was cool to smoke, and the ember was not overly hot, long, or malformed.  Indeed, the ember was a perfect conical shape.

Overall, a great cigar, that I would highly recommend, especially if you want a quick kick.

I got mine at Thompson Cigar Company, HERE, for about $6.98 U.S. each (box of 5 for $34.88 U.S.)

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did, and it made for a wonderfully intimate occasion with my family.

By the way, in case you haven’t figured it out, unfortunately you are not going to get the Rocky Patel Autumn Collection 2008 Churchill Connecticut review on this order of cigars.

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!


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