Journey to Middle Earth (Capstan Blue Navy Flake and McQueen Wizard Churchwarden) #MiddleEarthIsReal


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Yesterday, I had the extreme privilege of sitting down with my friend Stephen Umbrello and my wife Sable Aradia and doing a lengthy review of the new Hobbit movie the Desolation of Smaug.  It was a real treat to have Stevens extensive knowledge of the behind the scenes information, and Sables knowledge of the Tolkien world to add a very in-depth perspective to the review.

While doing the review on the Hobbit, I also had the opportunity to light up a McQueen “Wizard” churchwarden pipe filled with J. R. R. Tolkiens favorite blend, Capstan Blue Navy Flake, while my wife also smoked her churchwarden with the same blend.  Initially, we thought to do this review as part of the Vlog, but we got carried away with a Hobbit review.  We did however, get to smoke our pipes and enjoy the great tobacco, so I thought I would give you the review on print.

So here is;

First let me begin by saying that Tolkien had excellent taste in tobacco.

Capstan Blue Navy is a flake cut, pure Virginia tobacco, that is said to be extremely mild in its topping, but I honestly cannot detect any.

The tin note is quite pleasant, sweet and sour, unhindered by any sort of casing, just the natural sweet Virginia aroma.

As a flake, the tobacco must be prepared for your pipe.  I tried both rubbing out, and folding and stuffing and found that I preferred the tobacco rubbed out, but that it did so beautifully.  With the small bowl of my churchwarden, it only took half a flake to fill the bowl, but the tobacco did not require any sort of airing out and the moisture levels were about perfect.

Now, a little about my pipe; the white oak Churchwarden gives the most cool smoke I think I’ve ever had.  The bowl is thick enough that it does not get too hot, so you can hold the pipe either by the bowl or the stem, and the draw is even and relaxed.

The tobacco lit very easily, and remained burning throughout the entire bowl with no need to relight, though I did put the pipe down for a break through part of it.

The room note is quite mild, and is described as the smell of old libraries and perhaps old professors (like Tolkien) or old wizards (like Gandalf).

Overall, the tobacco is quite mild, perhaps medium, in strength, so you can enjoy a full bowl without getting too buzzed on it, and the tobacco burned down to a fine ash with no dottle.

I would have to say, Tolkien knew what he was talking about in both epic fiction, and epic tobacco.  If I get the chance this will make a regular part of my rotation, and is a great fall back tobacco if I can’t get something else.

I got mine at, HERE, and got one for Steven at the same time.  It is inexpensive, and worth more than you pay for it.

Be sure to check out our video review of the Hobbit: the Desolation of Smaug, which I’ve added below;

Also, check out Stevens page at The Leather Library (

And check out Sables page at Confessions of a Geek Queen (

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!


8 thoughts on “Journey to Middle Earth (Capstan Blue Navy Flake and McQueen Wizard Churchwarden) #MiddleEarthIsReal

  1. I found Capstan Blue Navy Flake a bit to mild for my tastes…while it’s enjoyable, I prefer heavier blends with Latakia and Perique. While I like VA blends as a whole, they tend to smoke hot for me and I dislike tongue bite. Happy Puffing!!

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  3. I rather like it too. It’s a traditional, uncased tobacco, which appears to be my preference, and since I’m not a regular smoker, I prefer a lighter nicotine content. Lots of fun doing the review as well! Thanks! Next time we’ll spend more time on the tobacco too. 😉

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