A Fine Solstice Evening (Cohiba Red Dot Robusto)


When I set out to enjoy the solstice evening with my family, I didn’t intend to set out to enjoy a cigar as well, but halfway through the evening, my wife suggested a fine cigar each.

So reaching at random into storage I chose a Cohiba Red Dot Robusto Cameroon to bring in the Sun King.

The cigar is from the Dominican Republic, with filler, and binder from the Dominican Republic , and wrapper from Cameroon.

Taking the cigar from the cellophane so I could smell it, I was immediately met with a rich earthy aroma, not so subtly hinted with coffee, and cocoa, and I knew I was in for a treat.

Before I get too far, I should clarify that the Cohiba Red Dot should not be confused with the Cuban Cohiba, as the two factories are not related to each other, and the red dot Cohiba represents an American owned company in the Dominican Republic.  Called a Cohiba Red Dot, the American owned cigar company produces cigars with a very similar label as the Cuban Cohiba.  The difference being, the American Cohiba has a red dot in the middle of the “O”.

Anyways, I was smoking the American Cohiba, and have to say I was quite delighted by it.

I used a bullet punch to punch the head of the cigar, which punched cleanly and evenly with only a moderate amount of pressure from the bullet.

Lighting the cigar from a candle on my desk I was soon puffing early away on it, and the first few draws were rich and creamy, earthy and grassy, and tasted of cocoa and coffee, like a mocha in a cigar.

It burned evenly, leaving a nice, hard packed, white ash extending from the foot of the cigar, and when tapped off some 2 inches later, left the cigar with a nice small conical shape ember.

From there I truly got lost in the cigar.  I almost forgot to purge it, and almost forgot that I was intending to write a review about it.  Fortunately, for you, I remembered both.

The cigar was purged half way down, and became sweeter with less woody and grassy taste, but still strongly hinted of coffee and cocoa.  The coffee and cocoa taste became more and more subtle towards the end of the cigar, but the cigar still finished strong.

At the end of the cigar, I felt elated and a little buzzed, so I would say the cigar is medium to strong and definitely worth purchasing again.

Overall the cigar is recommended, and I will definitely buy one again.

Total smoking time; 35 minutes.

I got mine from Thompson Cigars, HERE.  They ship anywhere in the United States with reasonable rates.

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!


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