Merry Christmas! (McClelland Holiday Spirit 2013 in a German Freehand)

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Being the 25th of December, I feel the need to wish everyone a merry Christmas, or merry Mithrasmas if that’s how you celebrate at this time.

In any event, Santa was good to me this year.  I got a number of tins of tobacco from, I’m expecting eight or nine packages of tobacco from Glynn Quelch at GQTobaccos, and a similar amount from Zippo Warung in Indonesia.  But my prize this year, was the German freehand pipe that I acquired from Malcolm Stepp at Icandi Ball Pythons.  He claimed it was a good smoker, in that it was simply just too big for his hand, and I couldn’t beat the price, so I bought it for $15.00 U.S.

Well, that pipe arrived on Christmas Eve and I couldn’t wait to try it.

So, when I got home from the shopping, I immediately filled its extra-large chamber with a bowl of McClelland Holiday Spirit 2013 and sat down to write this review.

Holiday Spirit 2013 is a blend of Burley, Virginia and Cavendish tobaccos flavored with dark rum, pecan, and cocoa.  The tin note reminds me of Christmas morning with a hot cocoa sweetened with rum, and that’s why I decided to do this review for Christmas.

The chamber of the pipe is extremely large, perhaps 2 inches (5 cm) deep and ¾ inch (2 cm) in diameter, promising a long, sweet bowl.

Using a lighter, I light the pipe, which does so magnificently.  The draw on the pipe is easy, and un-obstructed and the tobacco is neither too moist nor too dry and lights swiftly.

The taste of the tobacco is just incredible, it tastes like smoking with a hot toddy, and I pause to go get myself a drink.  Returning with a creamy coffee, filled with Kahlua, I sat down to enjoy my pipe again.

The easy draw makes for quite a cool smoke, though the flavoring in the Holiday Spirit 2013 makes it a little “bitey”, though not too bad.

The room note reminds me of winters in the cabin where my grandfather used to smoke his pipe.  The warm smell of the tobacco blends with the rum, pecan, and cocoa to create an aroma that immediately reminds me of the holidays.

Nearing the bottom of the bowl, I discovered that the tobacco takes on a more “woody ” taste and smell, that is not unpleasant, though it does decrease my enjoyment of the tobacco.

The pipe performed beautifully, and the tobacco performed nicely, leaving a small plug of dottle in the bottom of my 2 inch bowl.

If they have it in stock, you can get McClelland Holiday Spirit 2013 at, HERE for $8.43 a tin, and it is well worth a try.

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!


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