Humbled by the Nomination (A.B.C Award)

First, let me begin by saying that I am both humbled and honoured by this nomination

I would like to thank Steven Umbrello at The Leather Library for nominating me.


The rules of acceptance are simple;

1. Download the logo (see above) and use it in your acceptance post.

2. Nominate a few other bloggers, and inform them on their about page, to keep the award going, it doesn’t matter how many, it can be 2 or 10.

My nominations are as follows:

1. The Leather Library there’s no saying that you can’t nominate the person who nominated you.)
2. Sourcerer
3. Sable Aradia, Priestess and Witch
4. Confessions of a Geek Queen
5. Patheos Pagan Blog
6. Glorialana’s Blog

These are linked so that you can check out all these blogs, please do, I find them very exciting.

3. Since this is the ABC award, use the alphabet to describe yourself. So here goes;

A. Aficionado – I enjoy tobacco in almost all its forms, and I’m quite familiar with its different uses

B. Bold – my blog says what it thinks, regardless of popular opinion.

C. Cigarettes – for the most part I think North American cigarettes are disgusting, though I have been known to smoke one (hey! I am an addict.)

D. Dottle – Dottle sucks, dottle is the hard plug tobacco that fills the bottom of your pipe at the end of the bowl.

E. Editorial – the opinions expressed on Smoking Jacket Blog, are entirely my own and unendorsed by anyone.

F. Fineries – I believe that everyone is entitled to live well, and comfortably, and I do my best to ensure that the luxuries I crave do not come at the expense of my fellow man.

G. G.O.B.U. – I am a proud member of the Grumpy Old Bast…err…Budoka United, check them out on Facebook.

H. Heart – I live with my heart, generally on my sleeve, and though its been broken many times I feel richer for it.

I. Indonesia – a highly underrated place to get some very delicious tobaccos from, home of the Kretek.

J. Java – my traditional drink, often black, to have with a new pipe or cigar.

K. Kretek – these Indonesian cigarettes are made with cloves, and are really quite delicious.

L. Louisiana – home of St James Parish, they make the best tobacco in the World.

M. Meerschaum – a type of clay, found in Turkey that makes a wonderful smoking pipe. Some would say the best.

N. Nicotine – a highly misunderstood, and much meh wind drug.

O. Oriental – a flavorful, and aromatic tobacco that comes from lands east of Europe.

P. Perique – my favorite type of tobacco made in St James Parish in Louisiana.

Q. Queen – God(s) Save the Queen

R. Robusto – my go to size for cigars, with a length of 4 1/2 to 5 inches, & a ring gauge of 48 to 50/64ths inches.

S. Shisha – a type of smokeable material used in a hookah often a combination of tobacco and fruit

T. Tobacco – arguably, the most vilified substance on Earth, also the most misunderstood.

U. Unheard of – I prefer to order tobacco from little known or unheard of tobacco blenders and distributors. It helps me to increase their business.

V. Va-per – a blend of tobacco that combines Virginia with Perique and makes for a wonderful smoke, one of my personal favorites.

W. Whiskey – a great drink to pair with a good cigar, I prefer scotch with my cigars.

X. Xenophile – I love meeting new people, and getting to know them.

Y. Yankee – representing most of my readership, best not to p/o them 😉

Z. Zed – the letter is Zed, you arrogant American jerks. 😀

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