Glynn Quelch Exposed (GQTobaccos Exposé)


No, I didn’t mean that Glynn Quelch was going to expose himself, I meant that I was going to expose GQTobaccos‘ brilliant blending techniques.

In mid December, I had a conversation with Glynn and made in order for a number of sample packs (10 grams) of his house blends.

It took 3 weeks to get them, but given that it was over the Christmas season that’s not surprising. Quite the contrary, I expected it to take longer.

The samples arrived in a small, well-packed, discreet package, obviously well thought out for both economy, and discretion.

In the package were 9, 10 gram bags of tobacco. 3 from his aromatic selection (Christmas blend 2013, Sugar & Spice, and Rum & Honey.) 3 from his House series (Breakfast Blend, Classic English (the new personal favorite) and Swamp Flower.) 2 from the Nottingham Lace series (Rouge and Noir.) As well as his aromatic Latakia Blend (Chocolate & Vanilla.)

I’ve had opportunities to sample most of them now, and I must say I’m impressed Glynn.

At 35 – 40 cents a gram($9.80 to $11.20 an ounce for you Americans) it runs about half the price of Canadian tobacco, and about twice the price of American, however Glynn gives discounts for orders outside the EU.

Seriously, I recommend that you pick yourself up some. Thus far, they’ve all been excellent. Glynn shows off his talented palette and master blending skills with all the blends I’ve tried so far.

Look for individual reviews probably starting with the Classic English. Oh, and if anyone wants to get in my good books, feel free to send me as much of that as you possibly could want, it’s freaking incredible!

Thanks Glynn, and thanks everyone for reading.

Smoke ’em if you got ’em!

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