Dark and Sophisticated (GQTobaccos Classic English)


Glynn Quelch, ever heard of him? Neither had I before I joined the pipe smoking forums on Facebook. Glynn is the proprietor and master blender behind GQTobaccos exquisite line. GQTobaccos, located in Nottingham, England, is a small single proprietorship run by Glynn, where he practices his master blending skills for far more hours then either he or his family would like.

This devotion is what led Glynn to create his masterpiece of blending, the Classic English blend. A mix of Kentucky and both stoved and flue-cured Virginia’s, with a healthy dose of creamy brown Cavendish and Turkish Latakia, finished off with a dose of filler and binder cigar leaf.

It is this cigar leaf that I taste so distinctly that causes me to define this tobacco as dark and sophisticated. Let me begin;

The bag note of the tobacco is exquisite for a tobacco smoker, and brings me back to Victorian Nottingham where young men prowled streets and older men sat outside tea parlors and barber shops smoking their pipes and getting their shoes shined.

The coal smoke is heavy in the air and casts a dark pallor over the assembly. These men of sophistication, both simple and noble , peer and pauper , conduct their business with both poise and courtesy.

At least that’s how I envision it, and this tobacco right in the middle with a small town tobacconist blending, masterfully, the popular blend of the city.

The mixed shag, coarse, and wild cut tobacco loads easily from being aired on an ashtray for about 10 minutes, using the three-layer method.

One match, and the tobacco lights easily and readily, and burns steadily with huge clouds of thick, creamy smoke from the Latakia, rich buttery taste from the Cavendish and cigar leaf and finished with a sweet palette of Virginias and Kentucky, adding a caramel note to the blend.

With no topping, the tobacco burns cleanly, down to a fine ash, leaving no dottle. All the while burning coolly and without bite of any kind.

The room note, like the bag note is sophisticated and dark, and reminds me of times in public houses when I smoked my pipe and cigars.

A true masterpiece, in my opinion, it comes with the highest recommendation that I can give. Do yourself a favor and give it a try.

At $4.11U.S. (£2.50) for a 10 gram sample, with discounts outside the EU, you could probably get away with shipping it in an envelope, which I am sure that Glynn would do, but do yourself and Glynn a favor, and order 50 grams (that’s 1.75 ounces for you Americans), for $18.91 U.S. (£11.50), again with discounts for outside the EU, and truly enjoy it. You won’t be disappointed.

You can get it at GQTobaccos, Classic English @ GQTobaccos.

Smoke ’em if you got ’em!

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