Classic, What Else Can I Say? (Wessex Brigade Classic Virginia with Perique)


Sometimes a tobacco comes about that you just can’t decide about. You just can’t decide if you like it, or not. That’s how I was with this one. I couldn’t find anything wrong with it, it just bored me.

I ordered this tobacco from, HERE, for $10.27 U.S. a tin, so it puts it on the more pricey end of tobaccos. If it were cheaper, I don’t think it would bother me so much that it was boring. However, I don’t think I will order it again.

Here’s my review, as honestly as I can put it.

The tin that the tobacco comes in is plain and unassuming, and like many others, McClelland, Comoy, Rattray’s, etc, it leaves you wondering at hidden treasures.

Opening the tin, I found the note to be pleasant, yet not exciting, with a nice sweet and malted smell of the Va-per.

The tobacco is described online as being broken flake, but it is almost ready-rubbed. It is flake, but the flakes are so small that no further preparation is necessary to load it into your pipe.

Furthermore, the tobacco has just the right amount of moisture to be smokable right out of the tin.

I loaded my pipe with the 3 layer method, and lit up with my Bic. I know, most people tell you not to do that but I really can’t taste any difference, if your palette is that sensitive, you are probably not doing it favors by smoking.

The tobacco lit readily and remained burning evenly and cleanly throughout the entire bowl.

Which brings me to the taste of the tobacco. After a couple of draws, I determined that the tobacco was simply the most, BORING tobacco that I have ever had the…searching for the right words…not finding them…something that means “opportunity”, but without any positive connotations…to try.

I mean, the tobacco is so boring that it reminds me of cigarette tobacco, only without the disgusting smell. It doesn’t taste like anything at all!

Which brings me to the room note. While I say that is not disgusting like cigarettes, is not overly pleasant either. I’ve seen it described online as “tolerable”. You are definitely not going to win over the in-laws with this one.

On the other hand, the tobacco burns completely clean down to a fine ash, with literally no dottle. That’s a plus!

Also, the smoke is a cool one, with absolutely no bite.

But, aside from that, there’s little I can say for it, save that it is Classic.

What I recommend it? Not really, there are plenty of cheaper alternatives that smoke just as well and are not stupidly boring in their taste.

Kohlhase, Kopp and Co. this one is a failure, in my opinion.

Smoke ’em if you got ’em!

3 thoughts on “Classic, What Else Can I Say? (Wessex Brigade Classic Virginia with Perique)

  1. Reblogged this on The Leather Library and commented:
    Once again Erin at the Smoking Jacket provides us with a brutally honest review of what seems to be a “boring” tobacco. I thank him for paving the way for making decisions of what tobaccos to buy, and which ones not to buy. Keep up the great work!

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  3. Thanks for honesty! I was not fond of it either. Drab I think. And my preferences tend to run to traditional, uncased tobaccos; the older-school, the better. That honesty is why your blog is so excellent.

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