The Devil Went to Jakarta (Putocowetoko Demit 666)


“Kasturi, Sopeng, a bit of Srintil mixed with kemenyan.” – that is what I was told was in Demit 666. Make sense to you? Me neither. So I went on a little internet adventure , to which I discovered that Kasturi, Sopeng, and Srintil are types of tobacco grown in Indonesia, and kemenyan is a type of incense related to frankincense.

Maybe I should go back to the beginning? What is Demit 666? Well, Demit 666 is a type of Indonesian tobacco, made by Putocowetoko, Indonesian tobacco company, that I was sent to sample in order to get people interested in Indonesian exports. My good friend Dedi sent me a sample of various Indonesian tobaccos, this one with the warning “it will ghosting pipes”

So, I broke out an old cob, and opened the bag…

The bag note is exciting, like nothing I’ve ever smelled before. Somewhere between cinnamon and frankincense, leaning towards the cinnamon, with a light, fruity, tobacco undertone. I was immediately intrigued.

The tobacco was a little dry, but after 3 weeks in the mail what do you expect? A little time with the humidifier fixed that problem right up.

The taste of this tobacco, is undescribable. In my opinion, exotic and delicious, somewhat like cinnamon but not quite.

And the room note is quite simply, amazing. It reminds me of old oriental shops where you could buy the most incredible treasures. Again, somewhat like cinnamon, somewhat like frankincense, and something not of either.

The tobacco burned completely clean, without the slightest hint of a gurgle, and left me satisfied and even a little buzzed. It means, this tobacco is fairly strong as well.

I have to say, that at earliest convenience, I ordered another hundred grams of this tobacco,. I look forward to seeing how it ages.

You can contact Dedi under his facebook name Zippo Warung, and he will set you up with however much you need. I recommend this tobacco highly and hope that you will give it a try, just break out ian old cob for it. Don’t be put off by the name it has nothing to do with the Devil.;-)

Smoke ’em if you got ’em!

2 thoughts on “The Devil Went to Jakarta (Putocowetoko Demit 666)

  1. Nothing to do with the devil . . . except that it smells like cinnamon fire and tastes like black pepper and ashes! I thought the room note was a combination of cinnamon buns and peppercorns. I like it.

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