My Modest Collection

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This is a photograph of my modest little pipe collection.  Since I started collecting pipes a little more than a year ago, beginning with my old reliable Brigham 116 Voyageur, I have collected approximately one pipe a month and now have 14 permanent pipes in my collection.

Starting on the left the pipes are as follows;

  1.  A Kaywoodie Dublin
  2. A Rick Black Custom Poker
  3. A Brigham Voyageur 103
  4. A Falcon pipe
  5. In the very front, a West German Custom Freehand, vintage
  6. A vintage AKB Meerschaum Bulldog behind that
  7. From left to right, a Nording Bent Tomato
  8. A Kaywoodie custom
  9. A Brigham, I’m not sure what model
  10. In the stand beside that a Chacom punch 340
  11. And then my trusty Brigham Voyageur 116 Bulldog
  12. An unknown Kaywoodie
  13. A Rick Black Custom Dublin
  14. And a WDC Milano, vintage

Many of these pipes were gifts, from friends, family, and well-wishers, though a few I bought for myself.

Ultimately, a small, modest collection, but a good start.  Though there are no Dunhill’s, or Alex Florov’s they are still very good pipes, and the prizes of my collection are my Rick Black customs.  Some individual reviews upon these pipes will accompany some of my tobacco reviews, and some of them I have already reviewed all my site.  Keep an eye out for mentions of these pipes, though if you would like to know more about any particular one, feel free to ask.

Upcoming, three tobacco reviews; Cornell & Diehl: Byzantium, and Crooner, as well as Two Friends: Celtic Mist.  Look for them in the near future.

That’s all for now,

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!

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