For Tim (Falcon Pipe #4)

When I published my post on my modest collection of pipes, I said that if anyone wanted to know more just ask.  Apparently, Tim did just that.  In the first comments to the modest pipe collection post, Tim asked if he could know more about my Falcon pipe.  So here it is Tim;

2014-03-08 23.45.28

The pipe is a vintage Falcon model #4, with a restored billiard bowl.

Like all Falcon pipes, the bowl is removable, and interchangeable, which is the allure of smoking a Falcon pipe, aside from the cool, dry smoke.

2014-03-08 23.46.59

The shank is made of lightweight aluminum, and the stem is plastic.

The lightweight aluminum cools the smoke as it passes through the shank, and the special dry filters remove the excess moisture.

Falcon pipes are not generally available in most tobacco stores in North America, though Glynn Quelch at GQ Tobaccos is quite willing to ship to North America, it even at a reduced rate from the UK and the EU.

2014-03-08 23.47.19

Though this pipe is a vintage #4 model, you could buy a new, identical Falcon from GQ Tobaccos for £24.99 to £28.99 ($38.39 to $44.53 AUD, €30.11 to €34.93, $34.82 to $40.39 USD).  This particular pipe is a straight stemmed fishtail (standard) with a billiard (smooth) bowl which you could get for $34.82 USD plus shipping.

Glynn would be happy to help you, though I recommend you pick up some extra thin pipe cleaners and dry bowl filters when you do so, as these things are rarely available in North America, and normal pipe cleaners will not fit.

Order the pipes, HERE, the pipe cleaners, HERE, and the filters, HERE, and enjoy a truly unique dry, cool smoke.

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!

5 thoughts on “For Tim (Falcon Pipe #4)

  1. ty for the info on your pipe im very interested in it but its going to wait till i can save the money up since i on disability and i would like a tin of golden slice when i order this from you ty for your time

  2. Hi, thank you for the information on the Falcon. I inherited my grandfathers Falcon (though the bowl is different, the opening & base wider & the middle wider again ) & a Filter 3 ?? (3 pieces bowl similar to your photo above & the stem in 2 parts of a light plastic) from sweden. I know nothing about pipes (as i’m sure is quite obvious, sorry) except having a puff of pops when I was younger & falling in love with the whole process and am looking forward to falling in love all over again. I was hoping you could recommend a tobacco for me to try. Pre-pipe haha, I smoke white ox rollies. The stronger the better. Thank you again I’m enjoying your page immensely.

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