Obviously Celtic (Two Friends Celtic Mist in a Rick Black Custom Poker)

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Being Irish, when I came across a tobacco labeled Celtic Mist, by Two Friends Pipe Tobacco, I had to try it.

Again, being neither a Cavendish nor an aromatic fan, I didn’t have very high expectations of this tobacco.

The Burley, Cavendish, and Virginia tobacco is blended (was blended) by the Late Craig Tarler of Cornell and Diehl and Gregory Pease and flavored with Irish Mist.

The can reads,

“A base of the highest grades of Cavendish, with just a bit of Burley, it is enhanced with wonderfully sweet Virginias.  This tasty mixture is then enhanced but not overwhelmed by the addition of a small amount of Irish Mist leading to an enchanting room aroma.”

Opening the tin, the sweet smell of the Irish Mist prevails over all other smells in the can, and though not exactly “overwhelming”, the scent is quite powerful, though also quite pleasant.  My life partner exclaimed, when he smelled the tin, that it is quite obviously a “Celtic mixture”.

Anyone who has ever had Irish Mist, knows how iconically Irish and Celtic  the taste of the liqueur is.  And what I can say of the taste of this tobacco, is that it tastes sweet, and creamy like a shot glass full of liqueur.

The tobacco lights easily and readily, and the Rick Black poker puffs merrily away with a clean draw, and an easy grip in the teeth.

The pipe stays nice and cool throughout the smoke, warming only moderately in the hand, and the tobacco leaves very little, almost no, tongue bite.

The poker’s tall bowl leaves for a long, and satisfying smoke, though the tobacco leaves a plug of gurgling, wet dottle at the bottom of the bowl, though this is more of the fault of the tobacco than the pipe.

The smoke is quite satisfying, and the room note very pleasant, and was quite surprising for an aromatic.

I may, indeed, smoke this again, though I would love to see how it ages.

You can get it smokingpipes.com, HERE, for $9.85 USD for a 2 ounce tin.

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!

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