Definitely Not A Tragedy, Homerus! (Cornell & Diehl 062: Byzantium in a Rick Black Custom Dublin)

2014-03-09 12.09.51

With so many various Brands and mixtures of tobaccos on the market, it is often very hard to know which ones to choose.  Word of mouth is very important, as is clear advertising, though some tobacco companies rely heavily on the former and distinguish themselves to a finer palette.

Byzantium, by Cornell & Diehl is titillating by its very name, and the fact that it comes in a plain white can, or in bulk with no fancy advertising speaks volumes.  When I seen it, on, HERE, for $9.13 USD for a 2 oz tin, it expressed to me of mystery, and intrigue and I had to buy a can.

Opening the tin, the rich, dark brown and black tobacco smells of sweet earth and mysterious men, and hints of opulence in the ancient Greek palaces.  Though men of Byzantine didn’t smoke tobacco, you can quickly imagine how the tin note of this tobacco could fill the market of Constantinople.

I load my Rick Black Custom Dublin, with its wide bowl, after letting the tobacco air for 5 minutes, as it feels slightly moist to me.  A quick light, and the custom Dublin chuffs merrily, with the cleanest draw that I’ve ever had in a pipe.

The room note is like the tobacco itself, dark and rich and mysterious, which also describes the taste, and smacks of clandestine meetings in dark rooms with shadowy men speaking of secretive things.

I am in love!

Soon, I will buy this tobacco in bulk, as you can get an 8 oz bag of bulk Byzantium for $18.18 USD from, HERE!

After losing myself in the bowl of tobacco for a full half hour, I found that the tobacco smoked cleanly, evenly, and dryly, leaving nothing but ash, without a hint of dottle.

The pipe itself, a one of a kind, by Rick Black, it is the best smoking pipe that I have ever had, and along with this tobacco, the combination has become my favorite.  I may dedicate this pipe to only this blend, though even if I use this pipe for other blends, this is my favor combination.

Don’t hesitate to pick some up for yourself, and certainly don’t hesitate to get a pipe from Rick Black, I love both of my Rick Blacks.

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!

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