And Now, A Warning! (Sillem’s Black)


If you recall, back in December, I said that I had acquired a tin of Sillem’s Black.  I was quite enchanted by the aroma, and thought it would be a good winter review.  I was wrong.

Sillem’s Black is a blend of Burley, Virginia, Black Cavendish, and Latakia cased in honey and fruit essences.  As I said before, the tin note is quite enchanting, sweet and fruity with a slight spicy undertone.

Eagerly, I opened the bag and filled a brand new cob with a sweet-smelling tobacco that was ready-rubbed and not too moist.

I struck a match, and began chuffing away, and all present enjoyed the room note as it began to permeate the air.  Then, it hit me!  Wow!  Does this tobacco ever bite!  I don’t think that I have ever smoked a tobacco that bit as hard as this, and as my friend Tom would say, “nothing bites like Borkum Riff!” Well Tom, we were both wrong, this bites harder!

I tried to finish the bowl, but had to put it down halfway through to give my tongue a break.  The only thing that I could think of, is that maybe the tobacco would mellow with age.

So, determinedly I set the tobacco aside, to let it age for a couple of months, and went on to other things.

So, two months later, in mid-February, I open the can, rehydrate the tobacco, and fill another pipe.  This time, a Falcon #4, which is renowned for its cool, dry smoke.

I can’t believe that I paid money for this!

Two months, and the tobacco is barely tolerable.  Even in a Falcon, the tobacco bites like Borkum Riff, and the taste is muffled by the tongue bite.  The room note is still incredible, and the tin note is still, by far, full of shit.

That being said, I did pay $22.95 USD for 100 Grams of this crap from, HERE, though it is hardly their fault that Sillem’s put more effort into the packaging than the tobacco.  Ergo, I suffered through the can and smoked the whole thing.

I just couldn’t stomach the thought of putting it back on the shelf and trying to age it any further.  So, chalk it up to a learning experience, I haven’t quite written off Sillem’s yet, and I’ll let you know how their other blends turn out.

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!

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