Surprisingly Good (Backwoods Honey Authentic Cigars)


Have you ever been offered something, assured it was high quality, and then looked at it only to decide that it was not possible?

That’s how I felt about Backwoods Honey Authentic Cigars.

Packaged 5 to a bag, yes, a bag, Backwoods Authentic Cigars look like something out of a Clint Eastwood film, more of a cheroot than an actual cigar. The smoke has one clipped end, and one ragged end, and is about 3 inches (7.5 cm) in length.

With many different varieties, I’m sure you’re going to find one to please the palate, though this review is only about the Honey Cigars.

If you do want to try them, has them, HERE, for $28.72 USD for a box of 40, though when I checked they were back ordered.

If you do want to try them, and you live in the U.S., Thompson Cigars sells them, HERE, for $29.50 USD for a box of 40.

In Canada you can get them at, HERE, for $6.96 CAD for a pack of five, though with shipping you’d be better off buying in bulk.

Aside from that, you can usually get them at your local 7-11.  In British Columbia they cost about $13.50 CAD for a bag of five.

Now, on with the review;

Opening the bag, this sweet tobacco and honey scent is simply enchanting.  In all honesty, the cigars taste good enough to eat, though I wouldn’t recommend it.  As mentioned before, the cigar is about 3 inches long, unfinished on one end, and open at the head.  As someone who has trouble with cutters, I appreciate a cigar that I don’t have to cut.

Bringing the cigar up to my nose, I discover that the scent of the bag is identical to the scent of the cigar, and a cursory taste of the wrapper delights in that it tastes much like the bag smells.

The cigar draws easily as I light it, lights evenly, burns evenly, and tastes great.  The nutty, musky tobacco flavor is sweetened by the natural honey essences that the cigar is cased in.

As I draw the cigar, I find it’s smooth, mild, and yet satisfying even though the strength is very slight.  Further, the tobacco burns evenly all along the length of the cigar, and takes roughly 20 minutes to smoke.

The cigar smokes nicely all the way to the stub, and the taste doesn’t vary much along the length of the cigar.  Reaching the stub, I find that the tobacco has left a tingling taste on my lips and tongue and left me satisfied that I’ve just finished a nice smoke.

Backwoods Honey Authentic Cigars are not about to win prizes for their looks.  They don’t have the distinction of fine tobacco.  They don’t have the legacy of Cuba.  But what they do have, is a decent, satisfying smoke that leaves you completely contented.

Never judge a book by its cover, or a cigar by its packaging.  You might be delightfully surprised like I was.

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!

3 thoughts on “Surprisingly Good (Backwoods Honey Authentic Cigars)

  1. I love these cigars, but I am partial only to the honey flavour. Smoke them while they are quite moist, if you leave them in your humidor they get too dry and don’t taste the same.

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