Samuel Gawith 1792 Flake

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Through the Smoke

imagesCou ntry: UK
Blend: Aromatic
Contents: Virginia, Burley
Flavouring: Tonquin bean, whisky
Cut: Flake
UK Pricing: £11.50 (50g)

Pipe of Choice – Vauen Sir 479
Drink Pairing – Lagavulin 16

I struggle to get on with this tobacco for the sole reason that I can’t keep the stuff alight. Straight from a new tin, it would be easier lighting wet towels and I expected much better results after allowing the tobacco to dry. I’ve tried it in flake and rubbed out, even rubbed out well, and still find this tobacco the most frustrating tobacco to smoke.

The flake is well pressed together, looking much like a slab of dark clay and, straight from a new tin, feels like it too. It is heavy and solid and almost mocks the smoker by refusing to comply without a fight.

It’s a great shame because the flavours are so nice, especially paired with…

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