The First Ever OPCC Pipe Raffle!

I’m pleased to announce the first ever Okanagan Pipe and Cigar Club custom pipe raffle!

Rick Kopf at Rick Black Pipes has gone out of his way to create a masterpiece, custom Canadian shaped briar smoking pipe for the OPCC.

Many people at the OPCC pitched in to make this happen, and because of their generosity the OPCC will have a chance to raise some money for themselves.

So, starting today, April 2, and running until midnight on April 18 (that magical minute between April 18 and April 19), the OPCC will be running a raffle for an autographed, Rick Black, custom Canadian, pictured below;


Tickets run $6.00 USD each, or four for $20.00 USD.  There is no limit to ticket sales.  The more tickets you buy the more chances you have to win!

To purchase tickets, contact Erin McRoy at or message Erin McRoy on Facebook to get PayPal information.

Good luck!  And thanks for supporting us!

Smoke ’em that if you got ’em!


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