Surprisingly Sophisticated (Comoy’s of London Cask #7 in a Vintage Kaywoodie Carved Billiard)

003-015-0010 When I first turned myself on to Comoy’s Cask #7, I was browsing for tobaccos that looked interesting, and I haven’t tried before.  I found it, HERE, for $2.28 to $3.86 USD per ounce depending on quantity ordered. When I ordered this, I had very little experience with coin-cut tobacco, and my order of Peter Stokkebye Luxury Bullseye Flake hadn’t arrived yet, but it was a Va-Per, and I was starting to like Cavendish, so, without thinking, I ordered 4 ounces.

Fortunately, I discovered that I like coin-cut, and it is not too difficult for my disability to handle, and the other two smokers in my house (my wife and my husband) like it as well. So, when the bag of Luxury Bullseye Flake was empty (sorry Tad, Sable finished it off on you,) we’re delighted to receive a bag of Cask #7, and dug in with gusto.

Online reviews claim that Comoy’s of London Cask #7 is a mix of Virginias, with pure Perique, and a center of black Cavendish, with a “slight” aromatic casing.  If this is a cased tobacco, the topping is so mild, as to be virtually nonexistent.  The note in the bag is one of fruity and spicy Perique, bright and sweet Virginias, and fermented Cavendish.  Very appealing to a smoker, but I can smell no hint of anything added to the mix.

My husband, who is transitioning from cigarettes, had a chance to check this tobacco before I did, and what he said was, that you had to get this tobacco a chance to prove itself before judging it because it takes a few minutes for the subtle flavors to come out. So, without further ado, I rubbed out two flakes, and filled my vintage Kaywoodie carved billiard.

2014-04-07 10.16.04

The first few draws from the tobacco were almost bland and tasteless, like a cigarette, and also like a cigarette, gave you an immediate “rush” of nicotine. Thus, “a good tobacco for those transitioning from cigarettes,” I was told.

The room note is unexciting, however it is not unpleasant, sort of a sweet, woodsy smell, but you’re not going to overly impressed your in-laws with it.

The taste begins, as described, but soon takes on a very sweet, and peppery glow, subtle and sophisticated.  Without a hint of tongue bite, the Perique leaves a slightly numbing sensation in the mouth area, sweetened by the Virginias, and mellowed by the Cavendish.

The tobacco smokes coolly, and the Kaywoodie billiard smokes dryly, though it is slightly difficult to keep lit. As I was warned, by both my husband and my wife, the tobacco is quite strong and you should probably smoke it in a small bowl. 005-595-0006 Fortunately, the bowl of my billiard barely holds 1 1/2 coin-cut flakes, so this was not a problem.  A slight buzz later, a clean bowl of ash, and no dottle, and the pipe was done.

This was such a hit in my house that I’m going to order another 4 ounces next Friday, and start stocking up.

Hopefully, won’t run out anytime really soon, and Scandinavian Tobacco Group won’t stop producing this in their Denmark Factory for Comoy’s of London.

A win STG and Comoy, you’ve earned a fan!

Smoke ’em if you got ’em!

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